Abrexin Reviews

What is Abrexin

Abrexin is a diet pill that assists you to lose weight while you are sleeping. This is possible since it possesses the capacity to trick your bodies into thinking that they are about to process foods when you sleep. As a result, it will trigger thermogenesis, a process where the bodies will raise their temperature to digest the foods. However, since you won’t eat anything else but Abrexin, the thermogenesis process will then burn the fat inside your bodies instead.

The official website also claims how the pills can enhance deeper sleep that is believed to be essentially contributive towards weight loss. It is possible since according to the surveys put on the website, human bodies will release a hormone called cortisol if we don’t get adequate and good quality sleep. Unfortunately, this particular hormone is one major cause for weight gain. Thus, Abrexin that comes up with the ability to provide good quality sleep is the solution for preventing the excretion of cortisol or weight gain. This claim is supported by how it doesn’t contain any caffein or stimulant. It is also safe to be taken together with other supplements and doesn’t require you to exercise or engage in any healthy diet programs.

Abrexin is manufactured by a Canadian Company, Winning Combination Inc., in which after we conducted some research online, is proven to be a reputable company that is free of any scam related supplements or diet pills. The pill itself has managed to get the award of being the number 1 weight loss product in Canada back in 2013. It also managed to snatch away the consumers’ choice gold medal award by the prestigious natural product magazine in Canada, Alive in the very same year. The reputation of Abrexin is further proven by the fact that it is sold by reputable retailers both online and on the streets like Wallmart and GNC.

Abrexin’s Category

Abrexin is a fat burner which is also known as thermogenesis booster.

How to Use

  • One tablet taken with 4-8 oz of water, 30 minutes before going to sleep
  • Not for lactose intolerant people due to its protein fraction ingredients
  • For people above 18 years old and NOT for pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Has to be taken for at least 8 weeks which equals to 2 boxes of Abrexin

What Are the Ingredients

  1. Thermoferrin (Lactoferrin), 300 mg

It is an ingredient mostly found in colostrum (the first milk produced by human when a baby is born) but can also be found in cow milk. It is not specified in the official website as to which source of lactoferrin that is used in Abrexin. But the high probability is that it contains the protein fraction form milk cow or even taken from specially engineered rice as what is commonly found in other supplements with thermoferrin.

Evidence shows that Lactoferrin can stimulate better immune system and can act as antioxidant. This can prevent your bodies from both bacterial and viral infection. It is also low in fat.

  1. 2. Bioperene (black pepper extract), 5 mg

Bioperene is believed to be able to help the bodies to absorb useful nutrients more easily. It also helps the nutrients transporting process throughout the bodies. It also helps with the process to increase body temperature.

  1. Gastro- Protective (GP) Shield

Abrexin is claimed to be the first product that contains GP Shield so the information mostly found about it is related to Abrexin. According to the official website, GP Shield functions as Thermoferrin protector from the bodies’ stomach acid. This is required so that the Thermoferrin can reach our intestines without any damage and thus the optimal thermogenesis effect can be achieved. There is some suspicion that GP Shield might be the same as ‘enteric coating’ usually found in other medications that provides the same function.

Abrexin Reviews

Regardless of all the good things about Abrexin, there are some downsides that need to be considered:

1.Questionable Efficacy

Our research from several sites shows that there has been no clear evidence as to how the main ingredient, Thermoferrin is able to trigger thermogenesis process. Most clinical research shows that Thermoferrin is best used as metabolism booster as it helps to create better immune system. The only research that is linked with weight loss process is the fact of how this ingredient manages to control the amount of fat inside the bodies but with no hint as to how it can also help to burn the fat. Not to mention, that there have been questions as to whether good sleep really helps in reducing weight. Most research shows that good sleep triggers better metabolism system that helps you to feel more refreshed whenever you do your daily activities. In other words, Abrexin might just be another supplement for boosting your immune system instead of an effective diet pill.

  1. Questionable Customer Reviews

Our research online shows that it is quite difficult to find customer reviews for Abrexin. Even in Amazon, we manage to find only a few of them (less than 10) with the average of 2 stars. We find this quite suspicious for a product that claims to have won so many awards. The only conclusion that we can give based on this finding is that either most people that use them are not satisfied with the results or most people don’t even be bothered to try this pill.

  1. No Money Back Guarantee

Needless to say, this evokes more suspicion as to why the award winning product isn’t capable of providing this offer. This triggers alert as to whether we really need to start questioning the efficacy of Abrexin. The only guarantee that the product offers is a 2-month-guarantee that you will start losing weight during that time by giving out people testimony. Well, it is really your decision as to whether this promise is convincing enough for you to try out the product.

Should You Try Abrexin

Our research doesn’t show any harmful effects from taking Abrexin. However, if you really want to achieve a real result in losing weight, we advise you to invest your money elsewhere.


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