CholesLo Reviews – Is it worth to try this cholesterol lowering supplement?

You might suffer high cholesterol level and you want to know is there any chance that Choleslo will be a right way out. You want a transparent answer for this? Well since the media tend to make an excessive promotion regarding some supplement which is actually just a “so-so” supplement, many people get confused about the basic truth. Does the supplement really WORK?

This Choleslo reviews will try to be as objective as it can goes. This report will provide you the basic facts from the manufacturer and other third sources to get accurate information. Hope you read this review to the end since it will cover important facts you need to know to make the decision regarding Choleslo cholesterol lowering supplement.

Note : This is Choleslo Review article, to visit the official website click HERE.

What is Choleslo and what it does?

CholesLo PillsSimply to say, Choleslo is a natural supplement formulated to treat issues regarding cholesterol, mostly lowering high cholesterol level and balancing your cholesterol level overall.

It comes in a capsule form and it’s using organic and natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins. In terms of safety you can feel calm since the ingredients used to make Choleslo doesn’t contain any chemical or dangerous compound. So sanely it will not bring the nasty side effects which is usually brought by medical drugs. (Some people are familiar with drugs side effect which is usually known as “Statin side-effects)

So what are the credible evidences that CholesLo really works?

There will be 4 main point or evidence which is used to determine the effectiveness of a supplement. These are the categories you want to take a look before purchasing any supplement for your health, specially for your heart health and cholesterol issues:

  1. The Ingredients of the supplement
  2. Doctor recommendation
  3. Clinical studies
  4. Customer reviews

Let’s start to examine each point.

  1. CholesLo Ingredinets. What does it contain?

Choleslo are using around 17 different ingredients to make the formula. Many health supplement manufacturers never talk a lot about their ingredients yet this is one of the most critical point to take a look. The ingredients are what “makes” the supplement. So you want to and need to know each of them.

Fortunately Choleslo official website has done a brave breakthrough by revealing to public the list of complete ingredients. Not only the list but also explanation WHY they decide to use it, WHAT are the clinical studies done to each ingredients and also the BENEFIT, PROS, and CONS of each ingredients.

You can take a look at the list by yourself HERE.

As you can see there are several ingredients which is very well know as a natural herbs to treat high cholesterol which is even used in traditional ancient medicines such as garlic and red yeast rice.

Choleslo is also using several ingredient which has been recommended by well know university and media’s like Harvard, WebMD, NBC, The New York Times, and CNN.

Judging from this point of view, it seems Choleslo has provide us with a strong evidence that the ingredients used to make the formulation have a very big chance to work and affect our cholesterol level.

For your info, there are rarely cholesterol lowering supplement showing the full list and providing complete explanation.


  1. Doctor Recommendation

Why you need a doctor recommendation for a non drug supplement? Doctors will not just recommend “any” supplement. They have a good name and reputation to protect. So it’s obvious that Doctors recommendation for some supplement can increase the trust level of the product itself.

Here is an important hint for you. If some manufacturer claims their supplements are Doctor recommended, you must know who the Doctor’s is. It is a very common practice where many supplement websites “says” their product were recommended or endorsed by doctors and puts some “stock” photos of some guys or women with doctor suite, that’s it. No names and other explanations.

doctorsCholesLo itself is recommended by at least 2 doctors. Who are they? They are Dr. Sam Robbins and Dr. Spring Chen. In fact Dr. Sam Robbins is the doctor behind Choleslo. It started from a desire to create a natural yet strong and safe alternative treatment for several heath issues, cholesterol is one of them. Having a doctor as a “creator” of CholesLo is also another fact which had boost the trust level of this cholesterol lowering supplement.

Find out more about Dr. Sam Robbins here.



  1. Clinical Studies

CholesLo has been around since 14+ years ago, can’t say it a “short” time. For that long Choleslo has gained an “A” reputation as a cholesterol lowering supplement.

The reason why Choleslo has been standing as trusted supplement is caused mainly because the clinical study has been done. Interestingly enough, while other supplement use to make a case study of the finished capsule of pill, Choleslo have done a research of each ingredient separately in lab also real-life situation.

The studie has been done by Dr. Akihiro Tanaka, M.D., Ph.D. and Dr. Spring Chen, M.D. As you can see Dr. Spring Chen is a Doctor who had recommend Choleslo and also who has done the clinical study.

Is the result of clinical study hidden? No, it is open to public including you. You can see the result or report of the study by clicking this link.

clinical studies of HFL

  1. Customer Reviews

This point might become the strongest prove to answer the question “Does Choleslo work?”. Why? Customer reviews is something very hard to deny because it is given by a real person who had used this supplement.

So what are some Choleslo testimonials? Take a look one example below. It is taken from the official website.


Surprisingly Choleslo does have around 427 testimonials from happy users. It is from real people and they also included the report of their cholesterol level before and after taking Choleslo. Read the rest of the testimonials here.

Is there any testimonials from other sources beside Choleslo official website? Yes there is. It is from Amazon.com. 75% users were giving 4 or 5 start rating for Choleslo. They stated the capsules has worked from them.

But there are also several negative reviews of this supplement found on Amazon.com. But majority of people who gave negative reviews was using it only for less than 1 month yet the recommend the users to take it at least for 3 months to see the maximum result.

Other things to know about Choleslo?

Here are several additional high lights of this supplement:

  1. Choleslo is made in USA in an FDA and GMP approved facility. By doing this Choleslo manufacturer can make sure the identity, purity, and potency of each ingredient. Many supplement manufacturer want to push low their producing cost by manufacturing them in China which will reduce the quality and the safety.
  2. The facility used to manufacture Choleslo have received “A” ratings under NPA Good manufacturing practices since 2001. What so special about it? At the moment there is only around 5% nutritional companies with “A” ratings. High quality seems to be a priority for the manufacturer of Choleslo.
  3. They do offer you money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. For the refund policy you can find it in their official website.

safety evidence part 2

Conclution of this supplement?

Based on the facts gathered above, it is reasonable to trust or give Choleslo a chance to treat your cholesterol levels. IF you find this article to sounds like a “hype” than you might want to consider the fact that only few supplement, especially cholesterol supplement which can provide you with the 4 important criteria’s discussed above.

Yet Choleslo seems to be a good supplement and worth to try, there are always chances that it won’t work for you. There is no supplement that will work 100% for everyone. But if this is the case you can simply ask for a refund.

You must remember that choosing a natural path for lowering cholesterol is not a one night process, it takes time but it will bring better result.

Make sure to follow the direction for the time span has been recommended to take this product and take the right dosage of Choleslo to see maximum result.

What about the price?

The official website will be the best place to order your packages because you will get the real “stuff” not same fake pills made by some imposters and you re also protected with the real money back guarantee.

Here is the price list. If you want to order click the package you want and you will go directly to their secure official website to finish your order.

choleslo-price list